so very true

so very true

What a cutie

What a cutie

got a cool ghost effect while trying out some light graffiti

got a cool ghost effect while trying out some light graffiti

my first attempt

my first attempt

Deffs gonna try this


Shutter Speed Project

Okay so yesterday I posted about shutter speed and what it means, so today I’m going to show you a project that will really let you experiment with shutter speed. Some of you will know or heard of light trails or other wise known as light graffiti.

Yesterday I said the longer you leave the shutter open (read ‘Shutter speed, what the heck is shutter speed’ if you can’t remember), the more light comes in. Which is true BUT, what if you leave it open in a pitch black room? The picture won’t be any brighter because it has no light to grab and force in. But if you stand in a pitch black room, hold a torch in your hand (make sure the torch is actually on, I’ve made the mistake before), and you fly around your room like a lunatic (see when I forgot to turn the torch on I was just a nutter flying around my room for no reason), something pretty cool will happen.

Because you are in blackness bar the torch the camera is actually going to absorb the light as you move, so if you move in a vertical line, the camera will absorb all light in that vertical line not just the start. You can’t see the vertical line just staying there but your camera will freeze the light inside the picture. This is a light trail.

So here’s what you need (if there’s ever a ‘*’ that means it’s a MUST have)

*Camera (DSLRs are perfect)

*Torch (More than one is great to get different colours, small LED’s work great too)


*A human prepared to jump around

Black clothes

Why you need these things:

Camera: To show the law of reciprocity which brings out the relationship between light and light exposure. (Take the photograph)

Torch: Create the light trails, or picture’s.

Tripod: Hold the camera steady, no hands can stay perfectly still long enough to get a good light trail picture. (If you don’t have a tripod you can set the camera on a timer and put it on a high table)

Human: To draw, jump and create.

Black clothes: Not a must but sometimes people appear in the photo’s because they shone the light on themselves at some point, if you wear black clothes your less likely to appear in the photo.

What to do:

  • Make sure you have everything on the list.
  • Set up your tripod, and put the camera on the tripod.
  • To start off with try a shutter speed of 10 seconds, aperture at least 22, ISO 100-200.
  • Make sure you have your camera set on a timer, less chance of any shake, I wouldn’t recommend using BULB mode unless you have a shutter release.

(Quick Lesson: BULB mode is when the camera will stay open for as long as you keep your finger on the button.)

Note: If you are using automatic focus you will need to turn on and off the room light after each photo so it can find something to re-focus on.

  • Last but not least click the button and watch some magic happen! :)

You can draw people, write things, draws object, light warfare, take it near a road and point the camera at cars, possibilities are up to you, as my own corny little quote goes “The only Limitation to a creation is you imagination, corny but I like the way I made it rhyme :D (I’m a sucker for rhyming things)

Because this blog is to do with photography/filming in music/ sports areas I dug out some photo’s to shows ye of my own light trail project, enjoy :)

Not a soul in sight

Not a soul in sight